La Murga de Austin is a brass & drum band steeped in the traditions of murga. Whenever you think of the pageantry of Carnival celebrations in South America, or the electric atmosphere and songs and chants at a fútbol match in Mexico or Argentina, chances are your mind is conjuring up the sights and sounds of murga.

Song and Chant Practice Feb 2020 at Hopsquad Brewery
Photo by Anthony Cardinal

What originally began in Uruguay as a form of musical theatre has grown since the 1960s to represent the ultimate expression of fan support throughout the soccer stadiums of North and South America.

Kirk with a megaphone
Photo by Alex Rubio Photography

At its core, a murga band is comprised of brass instruments — typically trumpet and trombone — and various Brazilian and other Latin American drums. The most recognizable percussion instrument is the bombo, or bombo murguero — a colossal bass drum with cymbals (“platillos”) affixed to the top.

2019 UT Soccer Zol playing trombone
Photo by Alex Rubio Photography

The bombo is the star of the murga and leads the rhythm section, functioning as the backbone of every song and chant. Even by itself, the mighty bombo can inspire a crowd to chant, sing, clap and cheer with it’s tremendous resonance.

Pride Parade ATX 2019 Trish marches with bombo
Photo by Alex Rubio Photography

2021 Leadership Team permalink

  • Drums
    • Drum Captain - Kurt Lammers
    • Lead Bombo - Faris Ibrik
    • Lead Surdo - Jeshua Medrano
    • Lead Snare - Colby James
    • Lead Repique - Argel Gomez
  • Brass
    • Brass Captain - Zol Waterhouse
    • Trombone Lead - Brittany Koepp
    • Trumpet Lead - Jay Mendoza
  • Capos
    • Lead - Kirk Mangum
    • Assistant Lead - Jay Torres
    • Assistant Lead - Ray Castelo
  • Operations
    • Mateo Clarke - Events/Booking
    • Rigo Rodriguez Lira - Membership/Inventory
    • Marc Tost - Merch
    • Elias Posada - Social Media/AV

Contact us via email: info@lamurgadeaustin.org permalink